Leap Power creates solutions for businesses seeking imaginative ways to leap forward in fossil fuel independence and reduction. We offer innovative site solutions for primary and backup Distributed Power Generation for telecom, datacom, commercial & industrial markets. All optimized for customers' specific need through intelligent engineering and application expertise while maximizing ROI.

Leap Power's core technology is focused on providing near Unity Power Utilization Effectiveness (1PUE) and lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for telecom/datacom operators. Our solutions provide a unique combination of High Efficiency Power Generation technology, innovative DCDirect™ architecture, and Zero Emission Alternative Fuel at no premium or safety risk to the customer.

Leap Power's solutions are most desirable in developed economies seeking to go all GREEN or searching for the lowest PUE. We provide maximum value in the rural areas or developing economies where customers are unable to depend on the availability or quality of the utility grid. Our Innovative solutions include:

Leap Power invites you to submit your application and let us show you how to reduce the opex and streamline your power generation to distribution infrastructure with fewer equipment.

For additional details on DCDirect™ and Leap's Site Solutions visit our documentation area or contact sales.